About LRO

Ladies Rock Online was created in the interest and dedication for empowering other ladies to build their income stream of their dreams, step into their greatness and affect positive change for others in the process.

Born on the 16th of September 2013, Ladies Rock Online is a group consisting of four ladies of different walks of life, who have built their careers as entrepreneurs teaching and training others.

Our vision and purpose is to contribute, help and empower ladies who “want to make it happen”. Who want to stand out from the crowd and raise their visibility. Who want to become leaders and lead others.

Meet the team

Joanne Lee The Online RoosterJoanne Lee JS TheOnlineRooster.com – is a highly passionate woman who loves her freedom and can spend hours on the internet. She loves furry-4-legged animals and kicks-a$$ with a black belt in karate (although she won’t discuss that *wink*).

Joanne gets a ‘high’ out of watching people grow and having a-ha moments so she facilitates training events as often as she can. It takes awhile to really get-to-know Joanne because no 2 encounters are really the same.

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Tiffany LROTiffany Ngu – Fondly known as Miss N.G.U = Never Give up, Tiffany was originally born in Malaysia, spent most of her time growing up in Singapore and Melbourne. She is very passionate about entrepreneurship and also dedicated to empower people to find their purpose in life while building their business around that vision.

Love reading and travelling very much, as well as photography, the beach and wine drinking.

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Tiffany Ngu


Vanessa LowVanessa Low – is not your typical workaholic & tech girl. She loves colors, music & all things beautiful. Over the years, Vanessa helped corporate, business owners and individuals built their brand through social medias and other online mediums. To her, building a business is more than a career, it’s also her passion. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and guiding entrepreneurs towards success.

Vanessa has been running a branding, designing, and web development company for the past 10 years. One day she woke up and realized that life is short, and she wants to make a change and live life to the fullest. She started to be actively involved in charity & education. At the same time, learning ways to take her business online and to the next level. She then created “Design Your Life” System with the goal of helping people change their life and make a difference! Follow her at Vanessallj.com

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Vanessa Low


Mari MarczakMari Marczak – born and raised in the Maldives, is a big movie buff and a huge fan of The Beatles. She is a full time blogger and co-founder of www.TheWirelessIncome.com, an online platform dedicated to helping people to create an online income from anywhere they love to live. Her Vision is to help 1000 people to create full time income using their laptops.

Studying and then working in the UK from 9-5, made her aware how much this kind of lifestyle was not for her. Mari loves travelling, baking (her new found interest), meeting interesting people and empowering females who love to stand up on their own feet.

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Mari Marczak

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