Women keep your hand up longer than you should

Women are not making it to the top of any profession.

190 heads of state in the USA; 9 are women.
Of all the women in parliament, in the world; 13% are women.

In the corporate sector; C-level jobs, board members, 16%
In the Non-Profit world, the charities et-cetera, women at the top 20%

A study done in the USA, of senior managers who are married; 2-thirds of the married men had children, and only 1-third (1/3) of the married women had children.

I watched this video on TED.com a few years ago. And the message stayed with me. Especially the one about ‘keeping your hand up’.

It opened my eyes and i started to look around. I started watching myself… then I watched other women… including my mother and my sister … then I watched the men, our brethren.

And I made comparisons. And yes, i noticed. I noticed how our brothers kept their hands up longer than we did.

I noticed that when a guy and a girl attempted to accomplish something 5 times, and failed 5 times, the women would give up and the men would try a 6th time… and you know what? The women would watch the men, as they attempted a 6th … and they would watch again while the men attempted the 7th. And at the 8th attempt, the guys would succeed, throw their hands up and say “I’m awesome; I’m a genius, I’m brilliant”

Which brings me to another observation. I often see guys praising themselves, and rarely see the ladies doing that. The guys would accomplish something, no matter how dumb it seems (roll eyes) and would yell “I’m awesome; I’m a genius, i’m brilliant”.

Yet, if a woman accomplished similar success, or maybe even a grander one, they’d just smile with satisfaction and keep quiet about it.

Men would have claimed bragging rights.

Now i’m not saying that the girls should Run around the block, arms flailing in the air, yell barbarically and bump chests…

What im wondering is why arent they self praising?

Assuring themselves that they’re brilliant, they’re capable, they’re awesome and fantabulous?

Because ladies, you are fabulous, you are fantastic, you are awesome, and you’re a genius. and it’s no use if you just silently tell yourself that, once… you gotta rub it in.

Tell yourself over and over again, at the moment of success, how amazingly awesome and fabulous you are. Rub it in so much, that it’s in your face.

That it’s impossible for you to deny that you’re anything but awesome. You’re fabulous and there’s no other way about it… There can’t be.

So ladies, Keep your hands up longer than you should, sit at the table, and tell yourself what an amazingly awesomely capable woman you are, and you’re fabulous for that.



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